Health Safety and Environment

A key area of our business strategy is the proper management of HSE related issues. 'Safety' is given utmost priority in the day-to-day operations of the company. Our focus is to achieve service excellence driven by safe work practices in all our operations. We shall continue to communicate this to all our employees, sub-contractors and our Technical Partners in our quest to ensure proper implementation of our HSE Policy.

We are also committed to providing appropriate training, equipment and enabling work environment in this regard. At Geoscape, caring for the environment is everybody's business. Our aim is to be the reference point amongst our peers in the industry in advancing sound environmental performance by developing environmentally friendly business practices and promoting the use of advanced technology products/services that are better suited for the environment.

We have a clearly articulated HSE Policy as well as a HSE Procedures Manual that guide our work as well as those of contracted sub-contractors.

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